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Research archive - Results

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Research archive - Results
Damen S, Mortelmans D, van Hove E
to examine the place of self-help groups for women with breast cancer within the official medical care network.
Ross, M. M., Carswell, A., Hing, M., Hollingworth, G., and Dalziel, W. B.
An exploration of seniorsí decision making regarding the management and control of musculoskeletal pain
Montgomery A, Harding J, Fahey T
This study investigated the impact of patient preferences on treatment recommendations for hypertension. Quantifying patientsí...
Elwyn G, Edwards A, Kinnersley P.
Dr GJ Elwyn, Department of General Practice, University of Wales College of Medicine, Cardiff CF4 4XN, UK e-mail:...
Based on a literature review and the authors' ongoing research, to describe the difficulties posed by the ways that general practitioners currently...
Gattellari M, Butow P, Tattersall M
This study aimed to evaluate the impact of shared decision making and the achievement of preferred role on patient anxiety, recall...
Churchill R, Dewey M, Gretton V, Duggan C, Chilvers C, Lee A
To seek evidence for the relative effectiveness of counselling in treating major depression in relation to standard...
Pollock K, Grime J
Prescribers in the UK have been under pressure to restrict PPI prescribing in primary care because of escalating costs. This...
Heijmans, M., Foets, M., Rijken, M., Schreurs, K., de Ridder, D. and Bensing, J
A study comparing chronically ill patientsí perceptions of the stressors associated with their disease and the perceptions of their GPs
Siegel K, Schrimshaw EW, Dean L.
To explore how symptom interpretations influence the initiation of HIV testing and medical care among late middle-aged...
Mair F, Whitten P
to review research into patient satisfaction with teleconsultation, specifically consultations involving interactive video.