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Research archive - Results

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Research archive - Results
Klasen H, Goodman R. R Goodman, Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Institute of Psychiatry, London SE5 8AF.
To investigate the views of parents and GPs about hyperactivity, and to explore how these views, and differences between them, influence access to...
Evans M, Stoddart H, Condon L, Freeman E, Grizzell, Mullen R
The study aimed to investigate the influences on parentsí decisions to accept or refuse the MMR immunisation for their child and the...
Milewa T, Calnan M, Almond S, Hunter A
To consider the utility of patient education in the form of booklets by reporting on an evaluation study of a booklet about...
Arora, N. K. and McHorney, C. A.
To identify the determinants of patient preferences for participation in medical decision making.
Krupat, E., Yeager, C. M., and Putnam, S.
To develop an instrument that measures the role orientations of patients and to assess its content and predictive...
Mead, N. and Bower, P.
A review of the research investigating the effect of patient-centred consultations on outcomes in primary care.
Mead N, Bower P.
This paper aimed to explore relationships between the concept of patient-centredness and its measurement. A review of the...
Bakker, D. A., Fitch, M. I., Gray, R., Reed, E. and Bennett, J.
A qualitative study describing womenís experiences of interacting with health care professionals while undergoing chemotherapy...
Enlund H, Jokisalo E, Wallenius S, Korhonen M
The associations between the outcome of antihypertensive therapy, patient-perceived problems and patient initiated modification of...
Horne R and Weinman J
To quantify patients' personal beliefs about the necessity of their prescribed medication and their...