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Research archive - Results

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Research archive - Results
Thorne, S. E. and Paterson, B. L.
A qualitative study of the role of health professionals’ interactions in the development of self-care decision-making expertise in...
Sandvik H
Dr H Sandvik, Department of Public Health and Primary Health Care, University of Bergen, Ulriksdal 8c, N-5009 Bergen, Norway e-mail:...
To evaluate the Internet as a source of information for women with urinary incontinence.
Gazmararian JA, Baker DW, Williams MV, Parker RM, Scott TL, Green DC et al
Road, Suite 820, Atlanta, GA 30339, USA e-mail:...
To determine the prevalence of low functional health literacy among adults aged 65 and over in four geographical areas of the USA.
Ad Hoc Committee on Health Literacy, American Medical Association
To examine the scope and consequences of poor health literacy in the U.S., characterise its implications for patients and clinicians; and to identify...
Nunney JM, Raynor DK
Multi-compartment compliance aids (MCAs) usually take the form of a box or other container which holds a week’s supply of the...