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Research archive - Results

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Research archive - Results
O’Connor A, Rostom A, Fiset V, Tetroe J, Entwistle V, Llewellyn-Thomas H, Holmes-Rovner M, Barry M, Jones J
Professor A M O’Connor, University of...
To conduct a systematic review of randomised trials of patient decision aids in improving decision-making and outcomes
Byrne, A., Morton, J. and Salmon, P.
A qualitative study exploring how nurses’ constructions of patients’ pain relate to the emotional challenge of patients’...
Skelton JR, Hobbs FDRDr
JR Skelton, Department of Primary Care and General Practice, University of Birmingham, Edgbaston, Birmingham B15 2TT, UK...
To compare the use of some of the characteristics of male and female language by male and female GPs during consultations.
Brus, H., van de Laar, M., Taal, E., Rasker, J., and Wiegman, O.
To determine the factors affecting compliance with medication in patients with rheumatoid...
Howie JGR, Heaney DJ, Maxwell M, Walker JJ, Freeman GK
Summary: The aim of this research was to develop a new measure of quality of care in the consultation that could be...
Yardley, L., Sharples, K., Beech, S., and Lewith, G.
The construction and evaluation of a model of the factors that influence perceptions of non-pharmaceutical treatments
Devereaux PJ, Anderson DR, Gardner MJ, et al
The aim of the research was to study trade-offs in physicians and patients between risk of stroke and risk of bleeding when...
Kim, Y. M., Kols, A., Mwarogo, P., and Awasum, D.
To compare family planning sessions with male and female clients in Kenya.
Lenert, L. A., Ziegler, J., Lee, T., Sommi, R., and Mahmoud, R.
To compare the value of health outcomes for schizophrenia as perceived by patients, family members and health care...
Bonnet, C., Gagnayre, R., and d’Ivernois, J. F.
A survey of diabetic patients’ understanding of the management of their condition.