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Research archive - Results

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Research archive - Results
UMDS MSc in General Practice Teaching Group
Dr J Ogden, Department of General Practice, UMDS, London University, 5 Lambeth Walk, London SE11 6SP
To describe and contrast GPs' and patients' models of depression and to assess the effect of personal experience of depression.
Nathan A, Goodyer L, Lovejoy A, Rashid A.
Mr A Nathan, Department of Pharmacy, King’s College London, Manresa Road, London SW3 6LX
To determine whether US-style ‘Brown bag’ medication reviews could be transferred to British primary care; to assess the effects of such reviews on...
Schilder AJ, Kennedy C, Goldstone IL, Ogden R, Hogg RS, O’Shaughnessy
This study set out to characterise the relationship between identity and health care experiences among HIV positive sexual minority...
Malcolm, S. E., Ng, J. J., Rosen, R. K. and Stone, V. E.
A qualitative study examining the attitudes and beliefs of HIV patients with excellent adherence compared to those with suboptimal...
Ford, S., Schofield, T. and Hope, T.
A quantitative study examining patients’ preferences for information and decision-making in general practice consultations.
Murphy, D. A., Johnston Roberts, K., Hoffman, D., Molina, A. and Lu, M. C.
A primarily qualitative study investigating the barriers to adherence and adherence strategies of monolingual Spanish-speaking...
Chewning, B. and Wiederholt, J. B.
A discussion paper on the implications of the concordance model for research on communication between cancer patients and health care professionals...
Jenkins, L., Britten, N., Stevenson, F., Barber, N. and Bradley, C.
A quantitative study examining communication between patients and GPs about medicines and the impact on medication problems.
Stevenson, F.
A qualitative study examining GPs’ attitudes towards shared decision-making.
Russell, S., Daly, J., Hughes, E. and op’t Hoog, C.
A discussion article about the nursing literature on compliance and a new approach based on a social model of health.