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Research archive - Results

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Research archive - Results
Holmström, I. and Rosenqvist, U.
A study investigating the effect of an experienced-based specialist course on the extent to which physicians use a...
Bultman, D.C. and Svarstad, B. L.
A randomised controlled trial evaluating the impact of a checklist designed to stimulate active patient participation in...
Skelton JR, Wearn A, Hobbs FDR
This study explores the two contrasting ways of thinking about metaphors and their use by doctors and patients. The first regards...
Nichol MB, Venturini F, Sung JCY
Dr MB Nichol, Department of Pharmaceutical Economics and Policy, School of Pharmacy, University of Southern...
To develop and test an evaluation tool To assess the methodological rigour of published research on patient compliance.
Man-Son-Hing M, Laupacis A, O’Connor A, Biggs J, Drake E, Yetisir E, Hart RG
Dr M Man-Son-Hing, Geriatric Assessment Unit, Ottawa Hospital, Civic...
To determine whether use of an audiobooklet (AB) decision aid explaining the results of a clinical trial affected patients’ decision-making process...
Varma S, McElnay J, Hughes C
This study sought to explore patients’ perspectives on heart failure including locus of control, lifestyle and medication issues....
Caress, A-L., Luker, K., Woodcock, A., Beaver, K.
A qualitative study examining adult asthma patients’ preferred decision-making roles, rationale for these preferences and perceived facilitators and...
Reilly J, Kremer J
Dr J Reilly, School of Psychology, The Queen’s University of Belfast, Belfast BT7 1NN, Northern Ireland
[email protected]
to examine women’s own perceptions of premenstrual syndrome
Kadam U, Croft P, McLeod J, Hutchinson M
The objective of this study was to explore patients’ perceptions of health care needs in anxiety and depression.
Ogden, J., Ambrose, L., Khadra, A., Manthri, S., Symons, L., Vass, A., and Williams, M.
A quantitative study investigating the relationship between patients’ and GPs’ preferences about the patient centredness of consultations.