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If you wish to submit material for publication on this site please refer to the author's notes below and complete the e-mail form at the bottom of this page. 
Author's Notes
The Medicines Partnership is pleased to consider publishing information about research work in progress and hypothesis for future research. Research work in progress may disclose the preliminary results from a study where a subsequent more detailed analysis is planned or indeed may be an incidental finding, relevant to concordance and the Medicines Partnership programme, from a study designed to look at some other aspect of treatment.
The website aims to stimulate further research and therefore welcomes dialogue and feedback. It may be the perfect forum to test a hypothesis.
Research projects considered relevant for publication on this website will include material that advances our understanding of patient attitudes to treatment, physicians attitudes to prescribing , the patient/doctor interface. Please remember that the audience will be a broad professional and informed consumer.
All contributions will be subject to review by the editorial board prior to publication on the website.
Please complete the e-mail form. Your communication must include name and full postal address which will be treated as confidential. Acknowledgement of receipt of information will be confirmed by return e-mail.

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