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2. Methods

2. Methods
The review focused on studies published between 1991 and 2000. In order to provide a comprehensive overview of the research in this area, qualitative and quantitative research was included and studies were not excluded on the basis of the designs or methods they used. We included articles written in any language. In order to identify relevant research, six electronic databases were systematically searched. Other sources included handsearches of relevant journals, scanning citations and previous systematic reviews. The selection of relevant studies was achieved in two stages. In the first stage, 11801 abstracts were assessed independently by two reviewers, which led to 470 full articles being retrieved. In the second stage, these articles were reviewed by one reviewer and checked by a second. A total of 124 English and 10 non-English articles met the inclusion criteria. Data extraction was conducted by one of four reviewers and the findings of the studies were coded and categorised. The studies were divided into two groups: intervention studies and non-intervention studies. The methodological quality of the intervention studies was assessed.

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