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Demonstrating Medicines Partnership in Practice

The Medicines Partnership Model Practice Projects programme ran from August 2002 to March 2006.  The aim was to demonstrate how medicines partnership could work in practice by:
  • Identifying existing projects and supporting them
  • Facilitating new projects in high priority areas, where there is greatest potential for learning
  • Sharing project results with practitioners, managers and policy makers
 Medicines Partnership has supported 19 'best practice' projects that demonstrated concordance in action.    All of the projects explored how concordance can be implemented in practice by either:
  • Offering patients clear, tailored, accessible information about medicines and helping them to make informed choices
  • Involving patients as full partners in prescribing consultations, or
  • Supporting patients in medicine taking after the prescription is written
Click here for more details about the 19 projects in the programme.
One of the key roles that Medicines Partnership played in supporting projects was in monitoring and evaluation.  A project evaluation toolkit with advice and audit tools is available to download free of charge.