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Training Resources Area

A first step in our professional development programme is to identify people and institutions currently teaching concordance related topics. Some of the materials and methods we have identified are listed below. If you know of any other relevant materials then please let us know
Click on the title for full details of the teaching method and content.
  • Catchphrases
    Useful prompts for involving patients in decision-making.
  • Giving Feedback
    Advice for facilitators and trainers on giving feedback in a positive and effective way.
  • Role Play Scenarios
    Role play for GPs to practice communicating with patients according to the concordance model.
  • Lets Talk It Through
    Using narrative methods to explore working in partnership with medicines users.
  • Patients and Pharmacists: Working Together
    Video portraying the experience of patients and pharmacists to indicate how pharmacists can benefit from listening to the experience and expertise of people on long-term medication, and incorporate that into routine professional practice.