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Questionnaire for Medication Matters Booklets

We are keen to find out what you think of the Medication Matters booklets, and how you used them, so we can continue to improve them and make them more widely available.

1. Which booklet would you like to to give us feedback on? (If you used more than one booklet, please feel free to submit one form about each)

2. How did you find out about the booklet?

3a. Who are you?
3b. If you selected 'other' for Q3a above please explain

4. What did you like most about the booklet?

5. What did you like least about the booklet?

6a. In what situation(s) did you use the booklet?
6b. Who filled in the booklet and how?

7. Was it easy to print off a copy of the booklet from the internet, or would you have preferred a printed copy to be avilable to you?

8. Could the booklets be improved in any way?

9. Are there any similar resources which you think could be developed to help people with learning disabilities to get more out of their medicines?

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