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  • Best Treatments
    Information from the British Medical Journal's worldwide survey of the best, most up-to-date medical research, used by doctors everywhere. BestTreatments can help you and your doctor use the evidence from medical research to decide together which treatments are best for you.
  • Drug Info Zone
    Providing drug information to the NHS as part of the UK Medicines Information Services (UKMi ): promoting the safe, effective and efficient use of medicines within the NHS.
  • Committee on Safety of Medicines (CSM) Project
    The Committee on Safety of Medicines has set up a Patient Information Working Group to advise on a strategy to improve the quality of information provided with medicines within the regulatory environment in order to meet patient needs.
  • Medicines Information Directory 
    Gives a good starting point for finding out more about medicines, produced by 'Ask About Medicines Week' - an initiative to help promote partnership in medicine taking between medicine users, carers and health professionals.  Click here for more resources on the Ask About Medicines Week website. 
  • Medicines Guides   
    Medicine Guides are a new source of information about medicines that have been developed as part of an initiative called the Medicines Information Project.  Medicine Guides have been developed to provide clear, reliable and up-to-date information about medicines for patients, carers and anyone with an interest. By keeping this information up-to-date and available from a number of sources we hope to help people use their medicines safely and effectively.  The project is in development and currently contains information on epilepsy and influenza.
  • MedicDirect
    A comprehensive medical information website which supplements the medical information supplied by patients' own doctors. The Medicine Cabinet provides information about both prescribed medicines and those available over the counter.
  • NetDoctor
    Provides a wealth of information about medicines, examinations and disease states in an easy to understand way. The Medicines Database has information about 4200 medicines.
  • Patient UK
    Helps non-medical people find information on health issues.
  • Treatment notes
    Consumer Association website on the National Electronic Library for Health site which has consumer friendly information on medicines based on the Drug and Therapeutics Bulletin.