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Medicines Information: An Important Part of Putting Concordance into Practice

medicines information is a key pillar of concordance

Easy access to high quality, reliable, patient-friendly information is key to enabling users to understand their medicines better and to participate as partners in decisions about their own treatment.
However, information currently available in the form of individual drug leaflets does not sufficiently support patients in this process (Raynor DK & Britten N. Medicines information leaflets fail concordance test. British Medical Journal 2001;322:1541
  • too narrow: focuses on a single drug when patients need information about all the options
  • too negative: the focus on contra-indications and side effects means that a wider risk-benefit comparison is not possible
  • too late: received after decisions about medicines have already been made
The need to improve the availability, quality and accessibility of invormation about medicines for the public has intensified in recent years and is being driven by a number of stakeholders including patients themselves, the Government, the NHS, the regulatory authorities and the pharmaceutical industry.
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