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Conclusions from Listening to Patients

Patients and carers welcome medication review.
Although a relatively small proportion of the people we spoke to had direct experience of having medicines reviewed, those who had found it helpful and almost everyone else would welcome it. People were open-minded about who should carry out reviews and recognised that different health professionals have complementary knowledge and skills. Overall, they simply wished to tell their health professional how they felt and to see if they were taking the best medicines for their problems. To do this they felt that they needed:
  • Specific time set aside for medication review
  • Someone to listen carefully to questions
  • Clear explanations in simple language
  • An open interaction where they could be honest about what they were actually taking, and the health professional would be honest about the consequences of taking (or not taking) the medications.
There was also felt to be a need for a written record of what had been discussed in the review. By understanding how patients feel about medication review and what they want from it, health professionals should be in a better position to deliver reviews that meet patients' needs.

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