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Barriers to Implementing Reviews


Whilst there is increasing recognition of the importance of medication review, and its pivotal role in the bigger picture of patient health and well being, there is far less of a consensus about its main aims or indeed what precisely constitutes a review.
There is still more confusion about who should carry out reviews and how they should be documented. In some places, the interrogation of a GP computer system to identify patients on a particular medicine and convert them to a different product would be deemed a review. In others, only a dedicated face-to-face consultation with a health professional would be classified as a review. These marked divergences of view hamper the development of consistent approaches to medication review and undermine attempts to establish an accurate and comprehensive picture of activity around the country.
The lack of consensus surrounding the purpose and process of medication review is illustrated by the results of a survey of professionals (GPs, practice nurses, pharmacists, managers and other practice staff).