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Purpose of this Guide

There are practical issues for the NHS in relation to capacity and staff time to undertake medication review and meet NSF and other targets.
Applying different levels of intervention, prioritised to the needs of patients and using the skills of different health professionals as appropriate can make capacity issues more manageable. The collaborative programme has demonstrated that working differently can lead to real improvements without creating more work. By suggesting how this can be delivered in practice the guide may make medication review more achievable for local organisations.
  • Offer practical advice for practitioners to increase the positive impact of medication review for patients
    • Point towards greater patient and carer involvement in medication review as a route to partnership in treatment decisions and medicine taking
      • Help primary care organisations develop effective review processes
        • Share good practice that is emerging in medication review at a local level
          • Provide practical tools for practitioners and patients through the website
            • Propose definitions and a framework which should help local and national tracking of medication review activity.