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Assessment Tool for Patients' Medicine-Taking Support Needs

People often have problems taking their medicines. This can be for a variety of reasons. Before health professionals can provide help, they need to know the nature of the problem and the underlying reason(s).
This tool is designed to help health professionals take a structured approach to assessing an individual patient's medicine-taking problems.
Problems with medicine-taking can be:
  • Unintentional; people want to take their medicines as prescribed, but one or more barriers prevents them from doing so
  • Intentional; people who have decided not to take their medicines as prescribed, for a variety of reasons.
Both categories may come into play for individual patients. This tool explores both types of medicine-taking problems and how they can be addressed. It is not designed to come up with individualised solutions - simply to help identify the issues which need to be addressed.

This tool has been developed in response to requests from practitioners we welcome feedback, your comments will be used to refine and improve the tool for future use.
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