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Medicines Reminder Chart

The medicines reminder chart is for use at the time of a medication review. It should be completed with the patient. It includes the names of the medicines, when to take them and what they are for. The patient should keep it in their possession. It should be updated by any health care professional making alterations to the medicine regimen.
How to complete the reminder chart
  • Which medicines to include.
    The chart is intended as a reminder for when to take regularly prescribed medicines. The chart should not include "when required" medicines. List the name of the medicine, what it is for and importantly how the patient describes it e.g. water tablet, big white plain tablet.
  • Order of medicines on the chart.
    The chart is easier to read if medicines are entered in increasing order of dose frequency (except medicines taken only at night, which should be entered last). If medicines are entered at random, the chart can look like a chess board.
  • Description of doses.
    Write "1 tablet" rather than "1" or "One tablet". This makes the chart easier to read and interpret. Also use " 1drop", "1 puff" etc.
  • Allocation of frequency instructions
    • Once a day.
      Discuss with the patient when they prefer to take each medicine. It is often helpful to use the "breakfast" column (unless there are special circumstances) because compliance with a morning dose is better than at any other time of day.
    • Twice a day.
      Insert under "breakfast and evening meal". This gives the best spacing and prevents medicines, which need to be taken with food being taken at bedtime.
    • Three times a day.
      Insert under "breakfast, evening meal and bed time". As well as giving the best spacing, this regime means that working patients do not need to take their medicines out with them. (However, if the medicine needs taking with food, use three meal columns.)
    • PRN medicines
      Do not include prn medicines on the chart. The chart is to help patients to understand and remember to take their regularly taken medicines. Including prn medicines might cause confusion.
Download the medicines reminder chart below

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