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Patient Feedback Questionnaire

The questionnaire is intended to gain users' views on the service. The questions are based on the views of patients who have attended medication review clinics.
The questions used are derived from focus groups of elderly patient who have attended pharmacist run medication review clinics 1 and from a study of patients who did not wish to take part in a medication review study.2   The questionnaire has not been validated but has been user tested with elderly patients.
The questions are designed to capture information on the process of the clinic (e.g. was it at a convenient time? was enough time allowed for issues to be discussed?) and outcomes (e.g. were the patients questions answered? Did the patient have a better understanding of their medicines as a result of attending?).
Patients should be invited to fill in a questionnaire immediately after attending the clinic and to hand it in anonymously e.g. put into the repeat prescription request box on the way out.

1.     Petty D.R. PhD Thesis. The effect of pharmacist led clinical medication review in general practice. School of Healthcare Studies University of Leeds (Due for submission in October 2002.
2.  Petty DR, Zermansky AG, Raynor DK, Vail A, Lowe CJ, Freemantle N, Buttress AD (2001). "No thank you": Why elderly patients declined to participate in a research study Pharmacy World & Science 23:22-27.

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