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Areas to Cover and Information Sources

This supporting tool provides a range of questions and prompts to consider during the medication review process. The table suggests the most likely sources of information to answer each question - Section A. In some cases information will be gleaned from the patient, the medication or clinical record, or by checking the patient's medicines. Frequently it will require reviewing a combination of sources of information. Section B identifies for each question the source of information and an example or two of the supporting evidence indicative of a medicine related problem.
It is unlikely that practitioners will wish to use all of the prompts in every medication review. It is more likely that practitioners will seek to use the most relevant prompts and questions to build a concordant medication review according to the needs of each individual patient:
  • Discuss and check with the patient their experience and understanding of their medicines including how and when they take their medicines
  • Identify and discuss aspects of the patient's medicine taking which could lead to improved safety and effectiveness of therapy
  • Encourage the patient to ask questions about their medicine taking
  • Check the appropriateness, effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of each medicine
  • Identify and address, through discussion with the patient, any unmet pharmaceutical need e.g. untreated conditions
  • Identify and seek to resolve problems such as side effects
Identify any need for further information and support which can be offered to the patient e.g. medicines reminder chart.
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