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Disease Specific Guides to Medication Review

Managing Medicines in Schizophrenia
A new guide to medicines management in schizophrenia has been developed by Bristol Myers Squibb and Otsuka Pharmaceuticals. The guide is particularly intended to help NHS Organisations to meet NICE guidelines on atypical antipsychotic medication by ensuring that patients with schizophrenia have their medicines appropriately reviewed and are referred where indicated, for more in-depth review. The guide consists of a number of modules:
  • An overview of medicines management in the NHS (English, Scottish and Welsh versions).
  • Medication review audit a guide to auditing current medication review services available for people with schizophrenia to establish the baseline against which improvements can be made.
  • Implementing medication review in schizophrenia a guide to setting up services, including specific suggestions on parameters which should be monitored as part of a holistic medication review. The guide also includes template forms and letters, which can be tailored for local use.
  • Resource zone a directory of guidance and sources of useful information on schizophrenia management and treatment, medicines management, general performance management and clinical audit, and NHS modernisation.
  • Sharing best practice a suggested template for providing information about local medication review services which can then be shared with others.
The guide was reviewed by an expert advisory group including a Clinical Pharmacist in a specialist Psychiatric centre, a PCT Pharmaceutical Advisor and a Community Psychiatric Nurse, and also had input from Medicines Partnership.
A copy of the guide can be obtained, free of charge, by contacting:

Epilepsy Action's Epilepsy Resource Pack
 Epilepsy Action, supported by an educational grant from GlaxoSmithKline, has produced a toolkit to help health professionals in primary care to improve local medication review services for patients with epilepsy.
The toolkit includes a step by step guide to:
  • Identifying patients who require a review
  • Inviting patients for review
  • Carrying out reviews
  • Referring patients for specialist review if appropriate
  • Reporting for the new GMS contract.
Standard template forms and letters are included, including template seizure diaries which can be kept by patients and a checklist of information for patients and carers.
An information section in the toolkit provides a review of best practice in primary care epilepsy management and sources of additional information and guidance.
A CD ROM accompanies the toolkit with template forms and letters in electronic form.
The toolkit and information section can be downloaded from the Epilepsy Action website at:
Or ordered from:
Epilepsy Action
New Anstey House
Gate Way Drive
Leeds LS19 7XY
Tel: 0113 210 8800

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