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Acknowledgements and Credits

The tools on this website are intended to help practitioners in performing medication reviews. They have been developed by the Pharmacy Practice and Medicines Management Group at the University of Leeds. The original ideas were developed as part of our research which has been published elsewhere1-6.
Many of the tools have been further developed by our teacher/practitioners by use in clinical practice through interviews with many hundreds of patients. We have also been helped in the development of these tools by work done by Huntingdonshire Primary Care Trust, Huddersfield Central Primary Care Trust, Southport and Formby Primary Care Trust and Wyre Forest Primary Care Trust.
We would also like to thank the Medicines Partnership, the National Medicines Management Collaborative and the National Prescribing Centre for comments.
Duncan Petty
Dr Catherine Lowe
Dr Arnold Zermansky
Professor DK Theo Raynor
Pharmacy Practice and Medicines Management Group, University of Leeds