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Integrating Medicines Management and Review into the Single Assessment Process

There are 4 levels of assessment within the SAP to make sure that people are assessed appropriate to their needs.  Medicines-related issues start to be addressed from level 2.
An explicit and appropriate care plan should be developed to deal with any unmet needs identified by the assessments.  It is also an important opportunity to involve users in decisions about their care.
Pharmacists have an important role to play in assessing patients' medication-related needs and identifying ways of supporting them in their medicine-taking.
London Pharmacy Services, in conjunction with the London Region Directorate of Health and Social Care, devised four standard statements that enable non-medically qualified individuals to assess an older person's medication-related needs.  They have been designed so that they can be included in any PCT's SAP.
The London Older People's Service Development Programme carried out a six-month pilot project to evaluate a care pathway integrating medicines management and review into the SAP.  The team were finalists in the 2003 Pharmaceutical Care Awards.  Resources developed include
  • 4 trigger medication questions
  • Referral process for more detailed pharmaceutical assessment
  • In-depth Medication Assessment Tool