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Single Assessment Process

What is the single assessment process?
 The single assessment process (SAP) for older people was introduced in the National Service Framework for Older People in March 2001. The process involves a collection of activities designed to assess and deal with older people's health and social care needs. The purpose of the SAP is to ensure that older people receive appropriate, effective and timely responses to their needs, and that professional resources are used effectively.
More information about the SAP is available on the Department of Health website
How does it relate to concordance?
 One of the areas assessed in the SAP is medicine taking, and hence the process presents an excellent opportunity for issues about medicine taking to be explored, and for partnership with older people in decisions about medicines to occur, if the process is carried out with this in mind. These web pages give guidance and suggestions about how the SAP can be used in this way.
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Click here to download a checklist that will help assess whether medication-related needs are being met and users and carers are being appropriately involved. 
Elements of the Single Assessment Process
 The important elements of the SAP are:
  • Individuals are placed at the heart of assessment and care planning, and these processes are timely and in proportion to individuals' needs.
  • Care plans or statements of service delivery are routinely produced and service users receive a copy.
  • Professionals contribute to assessments in the most effective way, and care co-ordinators are agreed in individual cases when necessary.
  • Information is collected, stored and shared as effectively as possible and subject to consent.
  • Professionals and agencies do not duplicate each other's assessments.
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