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Medication Review Training

On 22nd March 2005, BMJ Learning published an online learning resource on medication review developed by Alison Blenkinsopp (Professor of the Practice of Pharmacy, Keele University, and a member of the Medicines Partnership executive group) and Catherine Lowe, (a community hospital/ intermediate care pharmacist for Shropshire County PCT).  
The module is suitable for all healthcare professionals wanting to improve their skills in carrying out medication review, and registration on the BMJ learning website is free.
User feedback on the module has included the following comments:
"Very informative resource, congratulations to the authors for such an excellent module."

"A timely reminder to all doctors who prescribe regularly and the need to think and reflect before signing a prescription like a robot!"
"I did this module in order to give me some food for thought and help present a case to my local GPs about a more structured apporoach to medication review. Too many medicines are being wasted and it is a huge drain on resources and the whole primary care team need to work together in partnership with the patient to tackle this issue. This module helps to clarify the important steps involved in medication review and supports my work in writing a protocol for the practice."
Visit the BMJ Learning website to register and access the training.