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Our hope is that ultimately, fully concordant face-to-face clinical medication reviews will be available to all patients who would benefit from and want them.
The frequency of face-to-face clinical medication reviews may depend on the patient's condition and preference. There may continue to be a place for other types of review in the intervals between face-to-face sessions and/or for patients with less complex needs. We also recognise that this goal may take some time to achieve and may require changes to current practice and reprioritisation or additional resources. In the meantime, there is a need to establish a set of underlying principles for medication review that should apply to any type of review. These might be seen as the fundamentals without which any medication review process may be considered as flawed.
  1. All patients should have a chance to raise questions and highlight problems about their medicines
  2. Medication review seeks to improve or optimise impact of treatment for an individual patient
  3. The review is undertaken in a systematic way, by a competent person
  4. Any changes resulting from the review are agreed with the patient
  5. The review is documented in the patient's notes
  6. The impact of any change is monitored.

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