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Implementing Local Guidance

Once guidance has been developed and agreed it will need to be rolled out.
It may be necessary to raise awareness of the importance of medication review and its role in improving the quality of care, and involving patients as partners in relation to their medicines. There may also be a need for some training in the specific skills required to undertake reviews and in how to apply the guidance and use the
associated tools.
Medication review is an important opportunity to establish the concept of partnership between patients and health professionals in relation to medicines. The Task Force on Medicines Partnership is able to offer materials and direct support for training to organisations who would like to take this forward. This support can be accessed through the website or by contacting the Centre for Medicines Partnership.
The National Prescribing Centre's Modernising Medicines Management Guide includes a range of advice and suggestions for the development, implementation and monitoring of medication review and other medicines management services (
Quality assurance and audit need to be considered as part of implementation. Systems will be needed to capture and feed back data on medication review to enable QA and audit and to encourage improvement. This could include feedback:
  • To the health professionals involved so that they can further develop their own practice
  • From patients and carers about their experience of review and their level of satisfaction with its outcome
  • To the developers of the guidance so that it can be amended and improved
  • To inform policy development at a national level.

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