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Room for Review Toolkit

Tools for medication review
The materials on this website are intended to provide a range of tools for practitioners and patients on medication review. Some can be downloaded and adapted for local use. The tools are primarily aimed at practitioners who are running medication review clinics for the first time. They are therefore, in places, very detailed. Experienced practitioners may not need to use all of these tools but may find some of them useful as an aide-memoire. Some of the tools are time-limited and will require updating.
By practitioners we mean any health care professional who makes decisions about patients' medicines. This includes doctors, nurses and pharmacists but in the future may include other professional groups. The tools are primarily aimed at review in the primary care setting. Many tools will be equally valid for use in hospital in-patient or out-patient settings.
Further tools will be added shortly. If you wish to be contacted by email when new materials are posted, register here.
We are keen to receive feedback on your experience of using these tools in practice.
In order to evaluate fully the effectiveness and appropriateness of a medication regimen there is no substitute for face-to-face discussion with the patient. It is impossible to tell whether the patient is taking the medicines, still less whether they are doing any good, without information that only the patient (or carer) can give. Adverse effects can only be identified if the patient can be asked about specific potential problems. Thus any medication review that does not involve the patient can only hope to identify problems inherent in the medicines rather than those connected with the patient or the illness. Whilst we acknowledge that a review of the medicines with the medical record does have some value, it would be naïve and possibly dangerous to accept a review that does not involve the patient as a justification for continuing long-term medication. 

Please read the disclaimer before using any item from this website 

Tools included on this website
Please note many of the documents offered for download are in portable document format, if you have difficulties downloading or saving these documents please check our Help page. Click the 'Back' button on your browser to get back here.
Core Tools 
  • Medication review framework
    A brief description of the processes involved in preparing for a review, consulting with the patient and implementing changes. 
  • Patient information sheets
    Two different sheets that explain the purpose of medication review, and give details of the clinic and questions to consider asking. One is designed for reviews by any health professional. The other is tailored for reviews by a pharmacist
  • Medicines reminder chart
    A reminder chart for the patient to be completed by the practitioner and patient when regular medicines are prescribed.
  • Assessment of Medicines Concordance
    A tool developed and pilotted in Devon, linked to the Single Assessment Process and designed to help health and social care professionals take a structured approach to assessing an individuals' problems with their medicine.    
    This tool was developed as part of a Medicines Partnership project
  • Disease Specific Guides
    Help for healthcare professionals engaged in medication review for specific disease states.
  • Patient Guides: Focus On Your Medicines
    Developed with the assistance of an advisory group including Arthritis Care, Age Concern, Diabetes UK, the Parkinson's Disease Society, Epilepsy Action and the Department of Healt, and  extensively tested with patients. 
Back-up tools
  • Monitoring Drug Therapy
    Information on monitoring requirements for medicines from North West Medicines Information Centre
  • Research
    Research into aspects of medication review