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Room for Review: A guide to medication review

Room for Review front cover
The first edition of Room for Review is the result of a joint project undertaken by the national collaborative Medicines Management Services programme and the Task Force on Medicines Partnership. It focuses on the practice of medication review in primary care, with the needs of older people and people with long term conditions particularly in mind.
The guide and tools available on this site have been produced in response to requests from practitioners and policy-makers for guidance on a systematic approach to medication review, and help in achieving and recording the medication review milestones described in the national service framework for Older People. We have involved both patients and practitioners throughout its development and consulted widely on the style, content and approach. We hope that the guide can support health professionals, managers and patients to improve medication review by:
  • Proposing a common set of definitions and principles for medication review
    • Suggesting standard ways to record different models of review
      • Disseminating good practice through practical case study examples
        • Providing this website with a range of useful tools and materials for practitioners and patients
          • Offering ideas about how the skills of a range of health professionals can be deployed to make resource issues more manageable
            • Presenting the views of patients and carers about medication review and what they want from it.
            Most importantly we hope that the guide will help Primary Care Trusts, health professionals, patients and carers work together towards the greater involvement of patients in medication review.