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Focus On Your Medicines

Focus on Your Medicines
Research carried out by Medicines Partnership has shown that patients can only get the most out of medication review if they know why they are coming, what to expect, and how to prepare.
Medicines Partnership has developed two booklets which meet this need.
Focus  On Your Medicines - A Patient Guide to Medication Review
'Focus on your Medicines', an 8 page colour A5-size guide to medication review was published by Medicines Partnership in March 2004.  The guide has been produced with the assistance of an advisory group including Arthritis Care, Age Concern, Diabetes UK, the Parkinson's Disease Society, Epilepsy Action, the Department of Health, and has also been extensively tested with patients.
The guide is targeted at two groups of patients:
  • Those who have been invited for a medication review and would like to find out more about it in order to prepare.
    • Those who would be eligible for, and benefit from, a medication review, but have not yet been invited, to encourage them to request a review. This includes the many older people on long term medicines, as well as younger people with chronic conditions such as epilepsy, schizophrenia and diabetes.
    The guide provides important information which patients need to know about Medication Review, as well as helping them to prepare for a review. The guide covers the following topics:
    • What is a 'medication review'?
    • Is it for you?
    • Who will you talk to?
    • What will you talk about?
    • How do you ask for one?
    • How should you prepare?
    • What happens afterwards?
    • Questions to ask
    Space is included for patients to write down their comments and questions prior to a review, and the centre pages form a complete record of current medications.
    Focus On Your Medicines is no longer available to order.
    You can view Focus on Your Medicines below.
    Medicines Partnership is currently developing a new booklet for patients on Medicines Use Review, the new service being offered by community pharmacists as part of the advanced service tier of the new pharmacy contract.  This will be printed and distributed by the Department of Health to all PCTs by the end of the year.

    Focus on your Health for People with Epilepsy
    Focus on your Health for People with Epilepsy
    Medicines Partnership has developed a 16 page guide to review consultations specifically for people with epilepsy, and this was formally launched at the conference of the Joint Epilepsy Council in Edinburgh on November 9th 2004.  It is now available to order.
    The guide has been funded by the Department of Health as part of their action plan in response to the National Sentinel Clinical Audit of Epilepsy Related DeathThis audit highlighted a number of deficits in the care of people with epilepsy, including a lack of timely access to skilled specialists and sparse evidence of structured management plans.
    The guide encourages people with epilepsy to come forward and prepare for a regular review of their condition and anti-epileptic medication – a review which can be vital to reduce the occurrence of seizures and reduce the risk of long term complications and even death.  It gives people with epilepsy and their carers an understanding of why regular reviews are important, what they can expect, and how they can get the most out of it by preparing their concerns and questions and completing a medication history and epilepsy diary in advance.  It has been developed by Medicines Partnership in collaboration with Consumation Media, Epilepsy Action, the National Society for Epilepsy, Epilepsy Bereaved and neurologists, GPs and epilepsy specialist nurses, and it has been tested with people with epilepsy.
    To order  copies please fill out the spreadsheet attached and send this to  
    Copies of the guide have been distributed free of charge throughout England to patients through Primary Care Trusts, neurology clinics, patient organisations and community pharmacies in the Vantage, Moss, Boots Lloyds and Numark chains. 
    A Scottish version of the guide has also been produced with funding from the Scottish Executive.  This may be ordered (free of charge) from Epilepsy Scotland on 0141 427 4911 / s).   
    You can view the document below before ordering.

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