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Recognise this?
patient confused about medicine
Prescribed medication is the most common form of medical treatment in the UK and affects the majority of the population.  However, people do not always get the full benefit of their medication.  Two of the key issues contributing to this are:
         There is an increasing level of prescribing year on year...
       ...despite the fact that people aren't always taking these medicines.

Imagine this!
doctor and patient agreeing treatment decision
What we need is:
         more appropriate prescribing, that takes patients beliefs and wishes into account
         a different approach to compliance: patients don't comply if they don't see how a medicine will help
Research shows that patients are more likely to benefit from their prescribed medication when they:
         understand and accept the diagnosis
         agree with the treatment proposed
         have had their concerns about the medicines specifically and seriously addressed.
The processes necessary to achieve this are described as concordance – a new approach to the prescribing and taking of medicines based on partnership.
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