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Link between Medicines Partnership and Current Health Policy

Partnership between health professionals and patients, and patient involvement in treatment decisions are key themes in current health policy. The ideas of concordance and medicines partnership fit extremely well within this overall policy direction. However, on the whole, individual policy strands have not yet directly addressed specific issues of how to achieve partnership in prescribing decisions and medicine-taking.
Our objective in Health Policy is therefore to look for opportunities to embed concordance in key policy initiatives and delivery programmes.
Current and future activity
Policy work will focus on areas where Medicines Partnership has the greatest opportunity to add value. This will depend on factors such as:
  • Significance of medicines and concordance issues for the policy.
  • Timetable and fit with Medicines Partnership 2-year time horizon.
  • Our ability to offer useful and constructive input that will help deliver the policy objectives.
Policy areas we have been involved in so far include:
Medicines Partnership Press Release Regarding the Childrens' NSF - 16 Sept 2004
The Task Force on Medicines Partnership welcomes the emphasis on partnership and shared decision making in relation to medicines in the government's new national service framework for children, published yesterday.
In recommending that children and young people and parents or carers should be helped to be active partners in discussions about their medicines, the document makes an important contribution to enabling children and young people to get treatment that meets their needs.
"Many health professionals already work in this way with their young patients," said Medicines Partnership Director, Joanne Shaw.  "but the national service framework correctly points out that moving towards true partnership on a broad scale will involve learning and a culture change for many clinicians, as well children and parents.  Ask About Medicines Week (711 November 2004) is one important initiative that is helping all of us move in that direction."