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Medicines Partnership is working to achieve its mission through 5 operational workstreams:
  • Influencing and providing input to Department of Health policy prioritisation
  • Building the principles of Medicines Partnership into policies in development
  • Supporting the implementation of policy where it facilitates shared decision making and supports medicine taking
  • Assisting policy makers to evaluate policy implementation in order to assess its impact on medicine taking and influence future policy development
  • Working with the voluntary health sector to promote the shared decision making agenda, enabling patient organisations to inform, encourage and support their members and constituents to seek and achieve partnership in treatment decisions.
  • Working to improve the quality, availability and accessibility of medicines information for the general public.
  • Developing mechanisms and materials to communicate the shared decision making message directly to patients and the general public.
  • Creating a valuable portfolio of training resources, which are actively used in the education, training and development of health professionals to build skills in shared decision making.
  • Influencing other organisations to embed partnership with patients into their own training resources and promote it to their internal and external stakeholders
  • Facilitating the effective involvement of patients in the training of health professionals.
  • Providing support for people who promote and disseminate concordance.
  • Providing support structures for people who promote and disseminate concordance.
  • Acting as a catalyst for the implementation of tools which enable patients to participate as partners in consultations, particularly high quality decision aids.
  • Supporting the development of drug or condition-specific patient support programmes, which meet patient need.
  • Supporting the implementation of the new community pharmacy contract by helping community pharmacists to offer services which enhance patient understanding of medicines and support patients in taking medicines effectively.
  • Evaluating the extent to which new technology can help patients get more out of medicines.
    Facilitating and evaluating projects which assist hard-to-reach groups in understanding and managing their medicines
  • Supporting PCTs to take a 'whole systems', multi-disciplinary approach to improving concordance in key therapeutic areas, and showcasing the results
  • Organising the existing knowledge available about shared decision making into a structured set of resources that can be widely and easily accessed
  • Contributing to the research agenda to expand the knowledge about shared decision making and improve understanding of the outcomes and benefits
  • Acting as a hub for researchers and practitioners active in the area of shared decision making.
  • Exploring potential to capitalise on Medicines Partnership knowledge and survive as an independent revenue-generating body in the future environment

Within each workstream, the Medicines Partnership team has developed a number of strategic aims, together with objectives and activities to work towards these aims.