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Who are Medicines Partnership?

The Task Force on Medicines Partnership was set up in 2002 by the Department of Health, aimed at helping patients to get the most out of medications by involving them as partners in prescribing decisions and supporting them in medicine taking. The programme was initially allocated £1.3 million funding out of the £30m funds provided for the Department of Health Pharmacy in the Future Programme and had this funding extended to March 2006. This first phase of the Medicines Partnership programme represented the implementation of ongoing work on concordance and explored the practicalities and benefits of putting principles of concordance into practice.
From April 2006, the National Prescribing Centre will be hosting the Medicines Partnership Programme in its second phase of work.  Within the National Prescribing Centre the programme will focus on developing and delivering training and support to health care professionals to assist them to engage in shared decision making with patients about medicines. 
The Task Force and Project Team
The Task Force is a national collaborative body involving nurses, doctors, pharmacists, patients, the pharmaceutical industry and the NHS.  It is currently chaired by Professor Colin-Thomé who has been National Clinical Director for Primary Care at the Department of Health since May 2001 . The full list of Task Force members can be viewed here.
The Task Force is supported in its work by the Medicines Partnership programme within the National Prescribing Centre, led by NPC Assistant Director .