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Patient Perspectives on Prescribing and Medicine Taking

A significant amount of research has been completed over the past two years, some through the Pharmacy Practice Research Trust and some through the Medicine Partnership programme, exploring how patients view their involvement in decisions about treatment and practical ways in which they can be partners in these decisions and supported in effective medicine taking.  
The two organisations hosted a joint event on 7th September 2005 at the Royal Society of Medicine to explore the findings from these research projects in relation to how they can inform the development of health policy and practice, and guide future research.  Copies of the presentations can be downloaded below.  (Note that the presentation from Professsor Rob Horne is not yet available and will be released when his work commissioned by the NHS SDO programme is published).
A report of the event is also available to download below.

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A summary of the presentations and discussion from the PPRT and Medicines Partnership joint event on 7th September 2005.
Geraldine Mynors – Medicines Partnership
Kristian Pollock and Janet Grime - Concordance Fellows University of Keele
Charles Morecroft - University of Manchester
Jackie Rodgers – Norah Fry Research Centre, University of Bristol
John Silcock – University of Leeds
Sue Oakley – Pharmaceutical Advisor, Poole PCT