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British Pharmaceutical Conference 2004

Joanne Shaw chaired a session on Medication review: current picture and future opportunities for patients, pharmacists and the NHS

Speakers were:
  • Gianpiero Celino - Director, Webstar Health:  Key findings from national evaluation of medication review service implementation, and the impact of 'Room for Review', commissioned by Medicines Partnership
  • Gill Dorer, Professional Development Manager, Medicines Partnership:  Patient perspectives on medication review
  • Steve Brazier, Business Development Mangaer, Vantage Health Watch:  Delivering medication review in community pharmacy
  • Ozge Karabiyik, Healthy Communities Collaborative Project Manager, Well & Wise, Camden: Linking medication review to a falls service for older people
The full results of the Medicines Partnership research on the impact of Room for Review will be published later in 2004.
A selection of the presentations are available to download below in pdf format (for help with pdfs click here).

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