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Medicines Partnership Annual Report 2003

The Task Force on Medicines Partnership is a Department of Health funded programme which aims to help patients to get the most out of medications, by involving them as partners in prescribing decisions and supporting them in medicine taking.
The programme was announced by Lord Hunt in April 2001 and formally established in January 2002 with 1.3m of funding from the Pharmacy in the Future project to cover a work programme of two years (2002 and 2003). Funding for a second phase through to summer 2005 was confirmed at the start of 2004. In July 2005, Jane Kennedy, Minister of State, announces a further 500,000 to support the Medicines Partnership Programme into 2007
The Year 1 Annual Report provides an update on the activities of Medicines Partnership in its first year of operation. The Phase 1 Activity Report provides a summary of activities over the first 2 years and planned areas of work in the second phase.
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