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Understand your medicines

Cover of Understand Your Medicines booklet
MUR booklet: 'Understand your medicines'
The new Medicines Use Review (MUR) service offered through the new community pharmacy contract has the potential to bring real benefits for patients and the NHS as well as offering exciting opportunities for community pharmacists.
All the experience of developing and delivering medication review services suggests that giving patients and carers information about the review beforehand can be really helpful in:
  • Letting patients know what to expect during the review, and in particular helping them understand the review objectives and the process.
  • Enabling patients to prepare effectively for the review by identifying all the medicines that they may be taking, both prescribed and OTC.
  • Prompting patients to think through their queries and areas of concern beforehand, which can save time during the review.
  • Encouraging patients to be open and honest during the review.
  • Making sure that patient expectations are realistic.
  • Encouraging people who might benefit from a review to come forward.
Medicines Partnership was commissioned by the Department of Health to develop and user-test a booklet for patients, based on our successful and popular guide to medication review for patients, 'Focus on your Medicines'.  The new booklet for patients about the Medicines Use Review Service - 'Understand your medicines' - is available to download below in pdf format or can be ordered from the Department of Health publications orderline (tel. 08701 555 455, publication reference number 270570) from 21st December.

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