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Renal NSF

 A national framework for renal services is currently being developed (Renal NSF). The External Reference Group (ERG) that is developing the NSF is being advised on the progress and development around the use of medicines, the role that clinicians can play in influencing effective use of medicines and the role of non-pharmacological measures for patients affected by Renal National Service Framework.  This includes work on concordance in relation to renal services, led by the Task Force on Medicines Partnership. The structure of the NSF, the various bodies involved in its development and their roles are shown in the nsf roles document.
The medicines group will consult widely, to ensure that views from a wide range of service users, patients and professionals are considered prior to the preparation of the document.  The importance of developing a partnership with patients to empower them to accept shared responsibility with the clinician in the management of their condition will be covered in this work.


The recommendations produced by this Topic Area will be:
         Based upon robust evidence or, where a robust evidence base does not exist, built on the best evidence available plus a broad consensus on best practice.
         Affordable and offer best value in the use of resources, making explicit where interventions will be cost and quality effective in both the short and longer term.
         Set in the context of the overall renal NSF and other policy initiatives.

Outputs & Timeframe

In order to achieve its remit, this Topic Area will finalise advice for the ERG members on module 1 by July 2002 and module 2 by September 2002
This will include:
         recommendations of good practice
         Guidance on the implementation of the recommendations including milestones
         Performance indicators for monitoring and measuring progress towards achievement of the recommendations
The first outputs relating to concordance are can be downloaded from the related documents section below. 

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